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Medieval India : Kakatiyas
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Kakatiyas of Warangal, Prola I (1052-1076 CE), repousse fabric, Gold Punch Marked, Gadyana, 3.77g, 33 mm, Nine punches struck deeply on a very thin flan, a Boar facing right with sun and moon above in the centre, 2 x Kannada letter “Shri” in dotted circles, 4 x lion facing right, 1 x Kannada legend in two lines “Ahi /ta Gaja” and 1 x Kannada legend “Kesari” on obverse. About uncirculated, exceedingly rare. The title ‘Ahita / Ajita Gaja Kesari’ is not known from any Kakatiya inscriptions, but similar titles like ‘Ari Gaja Kesari’ and ‘Raya Gaja Kesari’ are known for Kakatiya rulers after Prola I (c.1052-1076). Most likely, this coin is an issue of Prola I, acknowledged as ‘the lion who is invincible over Elephant’.

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